First look at Windows 10. Windows 10 upgrade available from July 29 2015

By EZIBELINE LLC in Software on Wednesday, July 29, 2015.

Many articles said “The best Windows ever”.  Looks like could be a true. However Windows 10 has pluses and minuses.   

Windows 10 first look

What are pluses?

Installation is very simple, no big problems the same as in previous Windows 8.1 version;
Custom configuration doesn’t have too many settings, it ask only a few permissions to use your locations and etc.;
Windows runs fast as Windows 8.1;
The big plus is no anymore functional corners, so both type applications running  on the them screen as it was already implemented in latest updates of Windows 8.1;
Who used Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 will not have big problems in navigation;
It has new browser “Microsoft Edge”, looks like similar to chrome or Firefox. 

What is about minuses?

On configuration screens “nice” design with a big buttons, that is annoying on desktop , maybe it’s better to tablets but not for desktop;
Another problem it’s no menu configuration as previous Windows 7, hard to use menu specially for developers, who has many programs installed, easy to make a search in search box;
Search box it’s too big and take 1/5 of toolbar;
No Windows update configuration, you cannot set to not update anymore, that can create some “unpredictable” problems in a feature;

From first look Windows 10 could be a usable system for people who still using Windows 7 and Windows XP.  They will not be shocked as people, who moved to Windows 8 from XP and 7.

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