eZibeline® web site engine and CRM module

eZibeline CRM

eZibeline®  Website engine is web software you can use to create a website, web application, online store, blog, or news portal. 

eZibeline® CRM module is an easy-to-use and intuitive customer management software solution on the web.

Product Description:

  • Easy add content, pictures, products, or business information to make it yours.
  • Do not have slow-loading pages that cost you conversions.
  • Built-in SEO settings for Title tag and Meta descriptions. 
  • Rise your website to the top of search engine results. 
  • Monitor the effectiveness of your campaigns. 
  • Optimize the conversion rates. 
  • Turn web traffic into leads and clients. 
  • Synchronize customer orders and inventory. 
  • Use third-party analytics tools.
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eZibeline® has the ability to manage your website pages, blogs, articles, inventory, customers and online sales, and service. It has a variety of accounting integration solutions. eZibeline® can be integrated with Microsoft Dynamics GP®, Sage, AccountMate®, Prism ServQuest®, QuickBooks®, it is also available to custom integration to any 3rd party software by the user request.

Business-oriented website:

  • Based on modern technologies
  • User-friendly interface
  • Mobile friendly
  • Optimal experience on any screen size
  • Engineered for SEO
  • Easily adjusted pages

Complete e-Commerce:

  • Modern online store
  • Easy navigation
  • Customized product pages
  • Fully integrated with third-party software
  • Organized customer data
  • Multiple options of payments

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